Class VI
Łączna, 13 November 1946

The moment I best remember from the years of the occupation

One day a few partisans came to our house, wanting to grind some flour. They were all ready to leave when one of our neighbors ran up and said that the Germans were coming. There was a load of trucks on the road. We were all gripped by despair. What should we do? But the partisans were clever and somehow managed to escape.

The trucks stopped in front of our mill. The Germans got off their vehicles … We were prepared for the worst, for we were certain that they had seen the partisans. Everyone in our house started crying. Even mother and father had tears in their eyes. Our hearts pounded.

They walked in. They took father to the mill and ordered him to measure out 5 quarts of wheat flour. But father did not have that much flour, so they stood him up by the fence and threatened to shoot him. Upon seeing this, the other farmers hastily brought some of their own wheat, milled it, and gave it to the Germans.