On 1 October 1949 in Warsaw, a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, mgr. Irena Skonieczna, heard the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Henryk Cypel
Date and place of birth 23 May 1920 in Warsaw
Parents’ names Piotr and Helena née Mazurowska
Occupation of the father clerk
State affiliation and nationality Polish
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Education secondary
Occupation technician
Place of residence Morszyńska Street 7, flat 5
Criminal record none

At the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising I was in Sadyba. The military operations there lasted until the beginning of September 1944. The closest German troops, Wehrmacht units, were stationed in the Służew monastery and in Wilanów. On 3 September, along with units of Ukrainians, the Wehrmacht forced civilians out of houses all over Sadyba, excluding perhaps the southern part, from which the inhabitants had been forced out earlier, and marched them to Czerniaków fort. Among the civilians, there was also a certain number of insurgents who managed to take off their uniforms. The rest of the insurgents were killed. The soldiers taking control of the area had probably been ordered to kill all insurgents on the spot. The civilians gathered in the fort were surrounded with machine guns. It looked as if a mass execution was going to take place. After some time a rumor spread that von dem Bach had arrived. A German general, allegedly von dem Bach himself, gave a speech to the civilians. I no longer remember what he looked like. He assured us that we were not in any danger, that everyone would find work etc. and then the machine guns were taken away. The civilians were taken on foot to the West Railway Station, escorted by German soldiers, and then by trains to Pruszków.

As for the crime committed by the Germans on 2 September 1944 at Podhalańska Street, I have heard about it. More details could be provided by Mrs. Irena Rakowska (currently domiciled in Milanówek, Sienkiewicza Street 6, 7 or 9).

At that the report was concluded and read out.