Warsaw, 6 May 1950. Judge [no surname], acting as a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, interviewed the person named below, who testified as follows:

Name and surname Helena Kucharska, née Sadkowska
Date and place of birth 20 May 1884, Dłużno, Grójec county
Parents’ names Michał and Jadwiga, née Piątek
Father’s occupation farmer
Citizenship Polish
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Education illiterate
Occupation house caretaker
Place of residence Warsaw, Służewska Street 7, flat 16
Criminal record none

When the Warsaw Uprising broke out, I was in the house at Służewska Street 7. On 5 August 1944, at around 2.00 p.m., Germans entered our street from the direction of Koszykowa Street. They dragged out all the residents who had not managed to escape behind insurgent lines (such as the residents of Natolińska Street). They led all of us – men, women and children – along 6 Sierpnia Street to the officers’ casino at the corner of 6 Sierpnia Street and Aleje Ujazdowskie. We remained there until the morning of the next day. On 5 August the Germans evicted the populace from a part of Koszykowa Street, aleja Róż, Służewska Street, and a part of 6 Sierpnia Street.

I met people from these streets in the casino. The next day the Germans separated the men from the women. The men were taken to the Gestapo building at aleja Szucha. The women were released after a few hours. The Germans led us along aleja Szucha and Litewska Street to Marszałkowska Street, and from there they ordered us to proceed in the direction of Zbawiciela Square, to an area occupied by the insurgents.

To date, not one of the men detained at the time at aleja Szucha has returned. My husband, Jan Kucharski, was also detained at aleja Szucha.

The populace was not taken from our area on 2 August 1944. I know that the residents of a part of 6 Sierpnia Street and Koszykowa Street, from the section between Aleje Ujazdowskie to Służewska Street, were detained on 4 August.

At this point the report was concluded and read out.