Warsaw, 12 June 1946. Judge Antoni Knoll, acting as a member of the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Poland, interviewed the person named below, who testified as follows:

My name and surname is Aleksandra Koziarska, daughter of Franciszek and Jadwiga, born on 12 December 1913 in Włocławek, religion – Roman Catholic, residing at Noakowskiego Street 10, flat 31, married, an office worker at “Polskie Radio,” criminal record – none.

As regards the events that took place on 5 and 6 August [1944] at Zbawiciela Square and on Marszałkowska Street, Litewska Street and aleja Szucha, I know nothing, for at the time I was in Pawiak, while until 5 August I stayed at Złota Street 8. I only heard a very vague story, recounted by a friend of mine, Dr Kałużny (currently residing in Poznań at Spokojna Street 12, flat 2), who was there [at the time], namely that he was stopped on Rakowiecka Street and taken to the Gestapo building on aleja Szucha, where he referred to some German physician who during the War had lived at his mother’s flat in Poznań, as a result of which he was moved to a room with foreigners, and thereafter released together with them.

I know nothing more regarding the case.

The report was read out. At this point the interview was concluded.