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Pudełkiewicz Salomea 17.02.1905, Bogdany (Latvia)


Forced laborers in the Third Reich




Warsaw, Barracks of the 36th Infantry Regiment of the Academic Legion Warsaw, barracks of the 36th Infantry Regiment of the Academic Legion, 11 Listopada Street Warsaw, 11 Listopada Street/ Ratuszowa Street Warsaw, Schicht factory, Szwedzka Street 16/20 Warsaw, Szwedzka Street 39


Aronson Stanisław 06.05.1925, Warsaw


Poles saving Jews – the Mazovian region




Warsaw, Długa Street 7 Równe (Ukraine) Warsaw, Ghetto, Umschlagplatz, Stawki Street 2/6 Warsaw, ghetto, Umschlagplatz, Stawki Street 2/6 Warsaw, Warszawa Gdańska Station Warsaw, Gdański Railway Station Palmiry Warsaw, Ratuszowa Street Warsaw, Czerniakowska Street Warsaw, Miodowa Street Skruda (Mińsk district) Warsaw, Zamkowy Square Warsaw, Puławska Street Warsaw, Okopowa Street Warsaw, school of the Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Kazimierzowska Street 59 Warsaw, 6 Sierpnia Street (Nowowiejska Street) Warsaw, Żytnia Street Warsaw, Leszno Street Warsaw, Podwale Street 25 German extermination camp of Treblinka Warsaw, Bankowy Square Warsaw, Napoleona Square (Powstańców Warszawy Square) Warsaw, Trzech Krzyży Square Warsaw, Pfeiffer Brothers' Tannery Factory, Okopowa Street 58/72 Pruszków Prague (Czech Republic) Warsaw, station of the Wilanowska narrow-gauge railway, Kostki Potockiego Street 31 Lwów (Ukraine), Stanisław Staszic State Male Middle School no. 6, Łyczakowska Street 37 (Lychakivska Street 37) Warsaw, Smolna Street Warsaw, Wilanów Palace Natolin (Warsaw), Potocki Palace Pruszków, Tworki Hospital, Partyzantów Street 2/4 Dalechowice Klagenfurt (Austria) Villa (Italy) Udine (Italy) Ancona (Italy) Rome (Italy) London (Great Britain) Munich (Germany) Bologna (Italy)